What I Learned A Lot About Myself Essay

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I have learned a lot about myself through this course like about how you have to really watch what you say because it can either be stereotyping, bias, or racist. I watch how I put things because I learned that little eyes are watching you. I have seen that I have strengths like being empathetic, caring and kind to all the families and the children. I have patients with the children and listen carefully to what they have to say. I watch and correct with love if a child is showing signs they like someone or the are being racists. I understand the feelings of fear and sadness they have. The challenges I face is working with children from different cultures and trying to understand the way they are in their country. We have a lot of Spanish and some may judge you because they don’t think you like their child or them. I had one mother one year in Head Start, she thought me and the other teacher did not like her daughter. It was her daughter’s first day and her daughter was crying, and we tried to comfort her in all ways, but she wanted to be left alone. Both of us teachers left her alone in the library, and when the mother saw that she thought we singled her out. She went to my boss and told her that I did not like her child at all because she was Mexican. My boss called me in and I told her that she did not want either teacher to comfort her and she wanted to stay by herself until she calmed down. We went on the home visit to her house and I explained to the mom what…

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