Essay on What I Learn Your Life

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She can smile ear to ear, find a way to make pigs fly, and make money grow on trees. She can strike a conversation with anyone and cleverly pass down her wisdom. My neighbor Velva takes me on a journey through her stories and life experiences. With her stories, I learn her life coping skills, and I learn how they improve my life. So, who is Velva? Velva Dell Brown is the five foot seven and 76-year-old woman that has shaped my life. She is my next-door neighbor, friend, and teacher. She’s no celebrity, but she certainly catches my attention. On her head is her scarce, grey hair that she combs forward with her fingernails. Slightly below, she wears stylish brown glasses, but one of her eyelids is shut for some medical reason. From living in Indiana the majority of her life, her skin is paler than most of us southerners. Her clothing style is vibrant and festive. She never misses a chance to wear her favorite color blue or holiday designs. Also, due to her double knee replacement, her feet are spread out in a ‘V’ as she walks. Regardless of her looks, when I see her, she is always smiling. “How do you smile so much?” I ask her. She tells me she remains cheerful even when she’s mad or is having a horrible day. I talk to her here and there for years, and she is always joyful. It rubs off. When I flip on my positive attitude, grueling mountains turn into low slope hills. I can drop my water bottle and groan as usual, but instead I laugh. I laugh a hyena laugh. It soars to the…

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