Essay on What I Know About My Mental Threshold

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I told her everything, from the first day of school till then. She nodded and almost started to cry herself, but she is a strong woman and would not show her weakness to anyone. She simply told me to have faith in her, and she had everything covered. I was too tired to say anything, and as soon as she tucked me in bed, I fell asleep.
I had just crossed a threshold. Finally, I chose to tell someone about my problems. My false paranoias, created by myself, stopped me from talking to anyone about my situation. By telling someone, I crossed my mental threshold.
From the very next day, my parents got involved in the situation. They set up several meetings with the headmaster and my teacher. That group of students were punished well. Their parents were called in and they were given a very serious talk. The decision was that the group would be suspended from school if any other incident was reported.
After this entire event, Enzo practically disappeared from my life. He was my friends, but he wasn’t there when I truly needed support. This proved to be a test for me and for him, and he failed miserably. He failed to be a true friend to me and I wasn’t a true friend to him. I didn’t pay attention to him at all. I never used to listen to anything he had to say. The constant ignorance caused him to drift away from me. Now I only had enemies, and I had failed my only ally.
This led me to cave in completely. Even after I was not being bullied, I was still sad. I had no allies, no one to…

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