Essay on What I Know About My Life

1694 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page

I just simply wanted to drop you a line to say Thank you. I know I am stubborn as a mule and I probably get that from you or the other side? It doesn’t matter. I think we both know I’ve had trouble with self control and my choices of coping with uncontrollable circumstances, choosing drinking and pot to hide my feelings, insecurities, fears and “baggage” I’d been carrying around foreverrr, the more I went through the heavier it became. I now know everyone saw this but me.

I know you knew I was gay longer than I did and I knew you’d be there no matter what, we just might debate a bit and agree to disagree. I always have known you’d fight off ANY one that was ever mean to me.. teacher, stranger and you have always tried to protect me every way you could and you did an amazing job at raising Amanda and me under all the circumstances that none of us could control or help as you always said, “You did the best you could” and I know that you did all on your own. I might say I had a village raised me but I know who the Queen of the village was. You are the strongest woman on this planet, I don’t care what I hear or see or how frustrated I get with you, ( I believe the frustration is because we are alike in so many ways). I learned to not be afraid of anything and you showed me a woman can be just as strong as a man., perhaps why I love women who are FIERCE, but they never have anything on you. No matter what we faced you’d hold on to the wheel and keep going full blast,…

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