What I Know About High School English Essay

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What I know about High school English curriculum is that students need to understand the basics of writing such as verbs and how to make a complete sentence. Whereas a college curriculum is more based on if you can produce a work that flows and is consistent with the paper as a whole. College English is about using what you learned in high school and applying it to make a paper that a reader can understand not just a teacher not just a student anyone reading it.

2. My attitude toward writing in this class has changed I learned new things such as new ways to cite sources and appealing to different people in my writing. Although I still am not good some aspects of writing I have improved on in this class. I know now to prepare more for writing if I am going to write something worthy for me to be proud of. I am glad this class wasn’t like the classes in high school that only taught how to recognizes dependent clauses and not how to strengthen my writing.

3. I believe in taking this class I have improved on my Rhetorical Knowledge, Processes, and Critical Thinking, Reading, Composing. My Rhetorical Knowledge has very much increased whereas before this class I had no idea about ethos, pathos, and logos or rhetorical writing in general but now I have at least some knowledge about how to appeal to many different readers. I have improved my processes significantly over the period of this class by giving myself time to reread and look over my writings to see if what I have…

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