What I Know About God Essay

1398 Words Dec 20th, 2015 6 Pages
The physical space between two people can be awkward for some, and I find that many people when forced to sit next to each other, such as on a plane, will usually at least exchange pleasantries. In many instances, once the hello’s and where are you headed statements are expressed, people are prone to nestle into their own world, which is exactly what I do when I travel. Imagine my astonishment when my predestined and unknown traveling companion on my recent flight home shared that she was an atheist, and proceeded to ask me the profound question regarding what I believed about God. Well, I welcomed the conversation and I addressed the proposed inquiry from a Christian theistic view, and then furthered the discussion by explaining how worldviews can be evaluated. What an invitation it was, indeed, and I knew regardless of the outcome, God would be with me and be honored.
The conversation came about quickly, and a few minutes into the flight, my traveling companion displayed no timidity when she expressed that she was a steadfast atheist. With my limited knowledge regarding atheism, I presumed this to mean that she not only had a disbelief in God, but that there was also an unwavering spirit within her. Soon afterwards, when the stewardess had barely finished serving us both our complimentary cups of coffee, she asked me what my belief was about the whole God thing. My initial response informed her that I was wholeheartedly a Christian, and I commented on what a…

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