What I Have The Best Version Of Myself Essay

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Growing up in America has many influences in itself. This nation has the foundation that everyone has their independence and own individual opinion on different matters. Every person has their own political beliefs, values, and opinion. Most people gain their beliefs from family values, but influential people, or influential communities that an individual surrounds themselves with on a daily basis. Growing up, my beliefs and values have been influenced through family, school, peers, and events.
For the past eighteen years of my life, I have come to believe I have an amazing family life. I have supported parents. My parents have also taught me good character and how to be the best version of myself. I greatly thank my parents for everything they have done for me because I know they have made more sacrifices than I know about to allow me to have a better life. Now that I am older and in college, my parents do not tell me what my beliefs can and cannot be. They allow me to express myself and my opinions. When it comes to family politics at the dinner table, it is mostly about recent worldwide news or how we think a new rules that was recently put into place at school, or at work is unfair. We never argue over anything; we mostly just state our opinions and our beliefs on why we either agree or disagree with the topic we are talking about. I am appreciative of being a part of a family that does not label themselves as a specific party. I guess we can call ourselves independents…

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