What I Have Learnt About Myself As A Teacher And Communicator

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6 weeks which was spent in a room with the children aged from18 months to two and a half. This essay is going to discuss and engages in the processes of noticing, recognising and responding to a child’s interest/ learning and well- being of 6 children I observed, focusing on three enriched narratives’. I then shared my narratives with another adult who was responsible for those children. The second section to this assignment is an evaluation about my time at the centre. I am going to reflect on what I have learnt about myself as a teacher and communicator in supporting children’s interest/ learning and well- being. I am then going to evaluate the effectiveness of my teaching practices and documentation. I am also including how Te Whāriki (Ministry of Education, 1996), Kei tua o te Pae (Ministry of Education 2004-2009), and Te Whatu Pokeka (Ministry of Education, 2009) have influenced my teaching practice.

Section one- Enriched narratives:

Narrative one:

Transporting was something which I saw Q do over the 6 weeks at the centre, she loves to transport everything around. I think a lot of it is because she believes she is helping to tide up. During the tidy up time through points of the day, she has great enjoinment in helping the teachers. Other than transporting objects around the room she also will also do this through putting the books back on the shelve. Q loves to follow teachers around the room to help them where she is able to. She gets the biggest smile on her…

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