Essay on What I Have Learned

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From different ups and downs I had experienced and from different people I have met in my college days, I can say that I had learned so much, much more than high school and elementary days. If those younger years let me become learned of basic education, this stage of life, being a college student taught me more than medical and nursing concepts. But it also taught me about other aspects of life such as the whole life itself, understanding other people’s life and feelings, knowing how me, myself and I help me in every problems, treasuring friendships and respecting other people. Health care spirituality is one of the courses that let me learn how these things affect my living. It teaches me more about life and the
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It feels so much lightness when there are instances that I cried a lot, and some of my friends tap my back and says “kaya mo yan,” “suportado ka namin,” and “dito lang kami para sa’yo,”. Honestly speaking, there are things that my friends know about me that my family don’t. My friends know how I cry for someone who doesn’t deserve my tears, they know when to talk to me, they know when I’m in the mood or not. Maybe because I am not that open in some topics due to my fear of not being understood. But still, my family is my priority.

For some reasons, I’m still urged and still have the courage to continue taking up the BSN program, not because it is what I had started, but because this is what I see myself in the future, a successful and competent professional caring for other people. Not because of the time I had spent will be wasted if ever I decided to stop, but because of the wonderful experience meeting and working with wonderful people in this field. It is of great pleasure knowing that I myself is working with professionals and helping them even in the smallest way that I can, and knowing that my little actions contributes to relieve pain, ease the life and feeling of sick persons widely known as

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