Essay on What I Have Learned From The Group Facilitation

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On November 9th, Erin and I co-facilitated a group discussion around trauma-informed practice as part of our Group Facilitation assignment as second-year nursing students. The process consisted of choosing a peer-reviewed article related to trauma-informed practice, then creating a Facilitation Plan around the article and relevant course theory, and finally facilitating a group discussion. As the next step towards the development of our group facilitation skills, we were assigned to write a critical reflection about the experience of facilitating a group discussion. Through this paper I provided a summary of our group facilitation experience, explored group dynamics, what I perceived as our strengths and challenges, what I have learned from the process, and areas for improvement.
According to Morgan, Shoemaker, and Schroeder (2014), planning a group involves establishing its core characteristics, such as the group’s name and objectives, common needs and concerns of members, a group schedule or timeframe, description of the leaders’ and members’ responsibilities, and methods of evaluating outcomes of the groups. Erin and I identified many of these characteristics by using the Facilitation Plan Template provided to us (see Appendix A). This tool helped us organize our group facilitation in a way that, had one of us become sick and unable to attend, the other would have had the plan to proceed with the facilitation. Furthermore, we acknowledged that trauma-informed practice…

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