What I Have Learned From The Classroom Essay

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To demonstrate my understanding of the CHYS 2P15 materials and reflections, I will be drawing on both of my CLIOs. Through explaining my CLIOs, I will be reflecting on normalized school experiences and applying them through the three major lenses in the child and youth studies field, which are developmental, exceptionalities, and sociocultural lenses. I will also bring the experience to a broader context where the incident will be brought outside of the field, and it will look at how it affects the larger structures. To end my paper, I will explain what I have learned from the modules and my CLIOs. Through this paper, I hope to apply my understanding of the materials to my service-learning experiences to make the most out of my placement.
As discussed in Guthrie and McCracken’s (2014) article, reflection is part of an important process to how students learn. Through the CILOs, I am able to reflect on the experience and think about the possibilities for a student or an event in a classroom that create what we might consider being “normal” behaviors. Through guided reflection, I am able to get the best out of my journals and CILOs The guided questions allow me to think specifically about each of the experience. Through lesson three, I began to see the significance of the reflections that we are required to do in this course. As mentioned in my module three reflection, I could understand the concept of autobiographical inquiry where it is important to get to know ourselves…

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