Essay on What I Have Learned About Who Are You

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In Unit two we have a lot learned about “Who Are You”. Many times as adults who are working and adults who have families we forget sometimes who we are. I have learned that we get so wrapped up in our careers and other obligations we lose ourselves in the process as an person. We can never say “no” to a family member or friend because we think that they need us. In so many times they don’t really need us. Also, in Unit two I have learned ten tips on how to achieve and become a better student. I am going to share with you some of the ten tips, which will help you on your college journey or careers. All of the tips will not be in order. I will give the five that stuck out to me the most. Number one “sharpens your speaking skills as a person” (Bethel University, 2015). Many of us say I write the way I speak (Bethel University, 2015) and we have to stop saying that and do something about it and correct the problem. I catch myself many times saying that to my friends or coworkers. When they read an email or writing I sent out. Tip number two “study the basic rules of writing” (Bethel University, 2015). Many of us have been out of school high school or college for a while and forgot the basic rules of writing. The main thing you should remember is don’t be hard on yourself if you struggle with writing at first (Bethel University, 2015). I myself struggle with writing and find it difficult. I offend beat myself up because of my writing and I shouldn’t because it will…

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