What I Have Learned About Development During Adolescence Essay examples

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From what I have learned about development during adolescence, can help me understand what adolescence go through. I now understand adolescences have a difficult time find out who they are, who they want to be and how others see them. From centuries ago to modern day, little has changed. The growth, changes and challenges that happen now happened many years ago. Children’s physical bodies change as they go through puberty, their cognitive ability changes, as their thoughts are more abstract and critical and their socioemotional status changes as they figure out their identity.
In this quote, I can explain, with help from society influences and expectations, as well as environmental aspects, how this quote applies to development in modern and pass century adolescents. Modern day has little difference when compared to pass centuries adolescence. However, modern day definition of luxury, manors and work is defined different when compared to prior centuries. The differences are influenced by society views, technology and living environment. Every generation is evolving and each one thinks the next generation is better off than the prior generations. Prior-century adolescents lived in luxury because they had bikes and did not have to walk. Now, modern day adolescents live in luxury because they do not have to look up words in the dictionary, the google them. Adolescents still want to find out who they are and want to gain independence and autonomy. The difference between the two…

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