Essay on What I Have A Life Death Experience

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I will be telling you of a time that I had a life death experience, when I went on vacation with my family last summer. Just right after my brothers got out of school, also after I and my dad got done with a job we had at the time. On Monday, just before we started to make reservations and planning our vacation we all had a talk to my little brother (Brandon) because he is very energetic and we had to make sure that he didn’t swim out to far, also the dangers of the ocean. Oh! I forgot to mention we were going to Panama City, Florida for a week. Also it was going to be the first time that my family and I go for an entire week. We have gone there before three days or so but never that for a whole week like we were just about to. Moving on, after talking to my little brother my father told all of us that we all had to watch out for sharks and to stay away for the deeper parts of the ocean. Just as a side note there was reports of sharks spotted near where were going to be living for the next week, hence why he said that he said to us. Will four days went by and we started to pack, and my brother (Michael) came in and just as a joke said “what if a shark comes really close to us when we get the ocean”.
I then reposed “stop playin like that, I don’t want to get one of my legs bitten off” before I was even done talking he was leaving the room, without saying. Later that day I was just about to go to Burger King to get something to eat because my mom, dad, and sister all when to…

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