What I Have A Friendship? Essay

828 Words Jan 19th, 2016 4 Pages
I have known you since second grade and we made so many wonderful memories together. I wish I could say that we still have a friendship like we used to have, but times have changed and you continue to amaze me with the decisions you have been making. Some are good and some are bad, but mainly bad because you are pretending to be someone else. If only you could see what you have become in my eyes, because you would finally realize that you are not who you act like you are and you need to stop mirroring people in order for you to fit in. Rachael, I have known you since second grade and we are now in our Freshman year of college. People change, but you have changed more than anyone I have ever known. I always got annoyed when you would mirror me when we were hanging out, but I didn’t know that it would lead you to become a person that I seem to not know anymore. You used to be the sweetest girl and I loved hanging out with you, but ever since you arrived at Tigard High, you turned into someone that I know isn’t the real you. You were the last person that I would think would party, but ever since you started hanging out with those girls, your attitude and actions have changed entirely. People change over time, but you aren’t changing yourself into someone you want to be, your changing yourself into someone that other people want you to be. I have observed over the last few years that the specific girls you have been hanging out with, don’t have any true friends because of…

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