What I Have A Battle For Independence Within Myself And With My Father

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Over the past year, I have had a battle for independence within myself and with my father. I have gone to church almost every Sunday ever since I was born. I remember it being my parents’ choice when I was younger forcing me to go, and I remember it be my choice about a few years ago when I had friends there and I would have fun. I never did go out of fear of God or the Devil, it was always a social experience. Since most of my friends were older, they all started to go off to college and I started to dislike going to church because all of my friends had left. About a year ago, my faith changed completely and I realized that I did not believe in the God my father and the rest of my family believed in; and I still struggle to answer the question in my head of whether there is a God or not. I knew that my father would not take this lightly so I continued to go to church and youth group every Sunday out of fear of what my father might say or think if he found out. While I was going to church for those few months while no one knew what I was thinking, I started to stray away from the church and think that everyone whom I had loved so much before had become liars in my mind. I started to look at those whom I called friends before as ignorant and clinging to a belief to get away from the horrors of everyday life. Today, I do not look down on people who believe in God; I respect those who are religious because I was too at one point in my life. Not telling my father or anyone was…

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