Essay on What I Had Visited For The Assignment

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The court what i had visited for the assignment is Seattle superior court in Seattle. I went to observe the domestic violence court case, so the judge was family law judge. The name of Judge is Johnson Taylor. I visited the place at June 1st, at AM 08:30, and the court was began at 09:30AM.
When I arrived the courthouse, a lot of people were moving in busy. They seems preparing their court cases, half of attorneys and half of people who sued or was sued by someone. After the waiting, the clock pointed AM 09:00 and people went to in the courtroom. After I sit at the seat, the court was started and I could see the inside of courtroom.
*Judge was a woman, seems 40 years old. The most interesting was what every judge of courts I visited were women. The reason of interesting is, I thought judge would be a man and it shows how I was in prejudice of gender in job. She walked into the courtroom, with smile face, but her working as a judge was enough to say competency. She was not lose charisma in the courtroom and even though the litigant shouted with anger, she was never in confusion and kept going the court case. She asked everything what she needs to the litigants, and made exact point for the court case. Her charisma without confusion from litigants’ unnecessary arguments made me feel not only professionalism but also competence as a judge.
*I could see police officer, of course. When the domestic violence case court started, a police officer just got in the courtroom and…

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