What I Do You Can Become More Successful Than Your Parents? Essay

761 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 4 Pages
Do you think you can become more successful than your parents? Based on my parents and grandparents’ lack of education and opportunities I believe that I will indeed become more successful. I will apply sociological concepts such as inequality, power, authority, and class to explain my event, all tying into the conflict theory approach. I will explain how my example demonstrates intergenerational mobility and I will also apply a theoretical perspective to analyse the situation. Based on the opportunities I have, compared to the ones my parents had gives me an advantage to tower above them in the social hierarchy. My grandparents were very unfortunate due to the fact that in their village they didn’t have a traditional school. The teachers would visit villages and teach for about 20 days-or less. That being said my grandfather went to school for twenty days throughout his life; that was all the institutional knowledge he was able to get. In addition, my parents went to school until the fifth grade, later having to drop out to help their families. Once I had reached University, I realized that the opportunities are endless as a result of good education. In comparison, my education is far beyond my parents and grandparents, being in first-year University. In my parents’ generation, they didn’t have dreams of becoming a lawyer, doctor, teacher; they were focused on raising a family and continuing their family tree. However, my situation is different because of the…

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