What I Didn 't Me Essay

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As I had presumed, having Zayn as an acquaintance was not as bad as I once thought it would be. He relinquished my seat in the first class we 'd discovered we had together. He walked me to my other classes, so I wasn 't completely lonely. He 'd make weird faces at me whenever he turners around in class, and he actually was quite a nice person. Not only did I deal with the acquaintanceship we had, but I liked it. We didn 't talk too much, and that was good. Talking was not my strong suit.

The past two weeks had been down right blissful. I wasn 't a total outcast and that was wonderful. But, now I was sad.

I can 't be sad because I am borderline depressive and I have raging anxiety problems and being sad is not good. I didn 't want to function. I didn 't want to get out of bed. I didn 't want to listen to lectures or take notes or be alive. But, I had already missed a week this month and I couldn 't afford to miss two weeks almost consecutively because I was just getting my footing back with the school work and so I droned on.

I faked a smile at zayn as I entered my final class of the day, later than usual. I was too emotionally drained to be overly anxious and high strung today. "Hey," he greeted. I nodded at him and took my seat beside him. "You alright?" he asked as I dropped my belongings beside my desk. I glanced at him sideways and stared on at the teacher waiting for class to start.

I really hated that question. Obviously if that question had to be asked…

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