Essay on What I Did You Remember Me?

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Do you remember me? I was your best friend before you started being used by your family. They destroyed the friendship we had because of their own greediness. We were made to be at the top of the world, but the problems you had at home was our downfall. I am sitting on my bed right now just hearing that you have passed away. Funeral. Now am thinking of how great of a man you were. You were a man full or wonders, you had the ability to be someone better in life, and you were a friend that I looked up to when I am in my depressed moments. While standing at your funeral, I thought of what I could have done for you to live the life that you wanted. What we could have done to help you get through your problems. Would this have changed the outcome, we can never know, but we could have tried. “The kind of person you are making you a prey to people around you, particularly your family; either you are used for a gain or used as a bait”. One of the first things I wish I could have helped you with was your dreams of leaving a life outside your job. In your imagination you wanted to be a man who lived a luxurious life like other travelers like you, you wanted to tell your mind to your boss, have breakfast with him and all, but whenever you thought of the things you want, you start thinking of how you will help your parents with their debts. The thought of your parents controlled what you thought of life, made you forget about the person you are, and became a slave instead of a son to…

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