Essay on What I Did The Dating And The Schooling

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I had one issue. I could not give up the dating and the schooling. Maya and I had dated on and off again since 1995 at this point, which was 1997. We broke up with each other on several occasions to become friends, which never quite worked out because we just fell right back into old habits of loving each other. In all of our time together, we did not do anything that would compromise our integrity as Christians; but the temptation was always there. I found myself in her dorm on a few occasions I should have been in public. We resisted the temptation, but we should never have placed ourselves in that position. I promised myself that I would never repeat that behavior following my mission. I was true to that promise; just ask my wife. I get ahead of myself though. This particular time of which I speak, I was in my off again position with Maya. I was dating, or trying to date this woman from school called Rona. I had not quite gathered the courage to ask her out exclusively because unlike Maya, Rona and I did not click together. It was work with her. I only wanted her for her looks, which was also why it was not a smooth move for me to date her. This particular day, Rona did not show up for classes and I wanted to be around her badly. I think I had just gathered the nerve to ask her to date me exclusively and dump all her other good-looking suitors. Rona was not good for me and I could not see it passed the curved hips and the accentuated bosom. I recall it being a spring…

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