Essay about What I Did Me Last Year?

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If you knew me last year or the year before that you would not recognize me. If you knew me you would know that I was not myself for three or four years. If you knew me you would know that there was a time when I did not even know myself. But if you knew me, if you really knew me, you would know that I am strong and you would know that I am on my way to becoming myself again. A series of events in my life gradually tore me down and I lost every piece of myself. Everything that made me who I was disappeared and a new me took over. I didn 't recognize the person that I had become. I was bitter and hostile and obsessed with my own self-destruction. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder before most kids even have the chance to figure out who they are. I didn 't get to figure out who I was, my fate was determined for me by the lack of chemicals in my brain. Serotonin. That is the name of the neurotransmitter that destroyed, and later saved, my life. The lack of this chemical in my brain turned my life upside down. It hurt to smile and it hurt to laugh. I couldn 't stand the emptiness that was inside my chest. The weight of the world was caving in on me and it was miserable. No one believed that I was sick, my outbursts and strange behavior were blown off as typical teenage mood swings. My mom thought I was out of line and my friends called me ridiculous. I thought I was just a mess up. I felt like my brain had died but my heart was still beating. My…

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