What I Chose Todd Fetters Essay

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The people that I chose to interview were Todd Fetters, Paul Fetters, Jacob Johnson, Nick Miller and Joni Schmalzried. The reason why I chose these people is because they are people that I respect who have had roles of leadership in various settings in ministry. Some have worked as youth pastors, others have taught ministry classes, and others have pastored at churches. But there is one person that I interviewed who is not a leader in Christian ministry but the way that they have impacted my life lead me into ministry. I found that it was hard for my interviewees to define leadership and rather they wanted to give characteristics or qualities of leaders, which I think is just as beneficial.
The reason why I chose Todd Fetters is because he was a pastor for around twenty-five years and was recently named Bishop of the United Brethren denomination. So being able to interview a person who has been not only a leader of a church, but of an entire denomination was very insightful. The way that he defined leadership was “The ability to get things accomplished through the skill of influencing others.” This definition helped me understand that if a leader wants the group to have a certain characteristic that it is important that the leader sets the example of what it looks like so the others know what that characteristic looks like. I liked this definition because it talks about how as a leader you have an effect on the group and how the group accomplishes tasks. One of the main…

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