What I Chose Baking? Essay

1483 Words Mar 13th, 2016 6 Pages
When we first were signing up to choose our topics, I chose baking because I like to simply bake. I thought that there could be some chemistry involved due to heat in the oven changing food from liquid to solid. I was so wrong. Even though the oven and heat portion plays a major factor, a good portion of the real chemistry lies in the ingredients we use to make such delicious dessert treats and our different breads. From the ten different sources I looked up previously, for the Annotated Bibliography portion, I found that each of the websites say roughly the same thing. A good amount of the websites talked about the common ingredients used in the world of baking, and what chemistry purpose each individual ingredient provides. These individual ingredients include: flour, yeast, "fats", sugar, vitamin C, baking soda, butter, oil, eggs, salt, and milk. With certain ingredients, different processes are carried out. Throughout this research paper I hope to expound my knowledge on some of the ingredients I listed, and have a better understanding on how each piece of the puzzle contributes to the over all masterpiece of a baked good! I 'm going to start off with flour first. Flour contains two proteins, Glutenin and Gliadin. Glutenin is a protein mainly found in wheat flour, and it makes up 47% of the whole protein content. It is a protein that allows the dough to have its strength and elasticity. Gliadin can be found in wheat and many other cereals. The molecular equation for…

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