Essay on What I Chose Architecture For Architecture

1011 Words Nov 8th, 2015 null Page
My earliest memory of ever having an interest in architecture was when I was three years old playing with the Lego Duplo set my parents had bought me. I wanted my design for my Barbie’s house to be something spectacular that no other Barbie had. I remember that passion, that passion that I still have today for architecture. One of the reasons I chose architecture as my major over everything else is because I love how I have the capability to design structures that can move people both physically and emotionally. Being able to put so much sensation into an inanimate object is something that renders me speechless every time. Over the years my appetite for architecture slowly developed and it wasn’t until my third year in college that it hit me. I attended a book talk about Frank Gehry in San Francisco and Frank Gehry was there talking about his design process and how he puts himself, blood, sweat, emotions and all, into his work. At that moment, I began to tear up because I do the same thing and at that moment I knew what I wanted in life was to continue my path in architecture. After that day, I really “saw the light” in all of my work. *Prior to that experience, I struggled with designing because I hadn’t had any really outside insights into the design process. * Last semester in my design studio class we had to design and construct a full-scale model that responded to the theme “Rendering Nature: Making the Invisible Perceivable”. I designed a model that enhanced and…

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