What I Call A Dependent Child 's Faith Essay

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Andrea Palpant Diley in the start of her book focuses a lot on the concept of what I call a dependent child 's faith. She shares many stories from her childhood that shaped her life and the one about the hitchhiker really drew my attention. She about talked how embarrassed she was as her father preached to the young hitchhiker in the car. This reminded of a lot of times in my childhood when I would travel around with my grandmother. She always would find a person to preach to, wither we were in the clothing store or the gas station. And like Diley I would always feel so embarrassed, actually I still get embarrassed when my grandmother does this. I never thought of it as a small act service or a form of missionary work the way Diley reshaped it. Diley 's chapter “Why isn 't God Like Eric Clapton” she talks about her transition from dependent child 's faith to personal faith. She talked about her questioning of the faith and even her transition in music style and the way it grasped her. This was a chapter I really connected to because I went through a very similar transition. I always had a strong yearning to be like Christ, to form a relationship with him. I took a bible class at school and with every class I took, I would form a question not about what faith was, but how I could gain a stronger faith. I was really hard on myself when it came down to the concept of my faith, but it seemed that with every question I asked and step I took towards what I saw as having…

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