What I Believed Is My Innate Ability, Environmental Factors From Home And Daycare Living

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As an infant, most, if not all of my physical milestones that were expected we met. Breastfed for a short period, my height and weight growth expectations were met and I was well nourished. Gross motor skills were gained, to include things such as crawling and walking at an earlier than average age; 5 months and 8 months respectively. Fine motor skills were integrated into my physical development at normal stages and contribute to my great coordination today as an adult. Often I was described as an advanced infant/ toddler in reaching developmental milestones. This suggests constant use of adaptation through processes of assimilation and accommodation. While I’m sure parents and other relatives are bias and have reason to boast, even today I tend to be extremely analytical. Being active in exploration at this young age lead to the opportunities for the before mentioned conception of adaptation.

In addition, to what I believed is my innate ability, environmental factors from home and daycare living also played a valuable role in my development. Supportive individuals are key in shaping even infants and toddlers. Having both parents in the household allowed me to benefit from additional support of two parents. Moreover, grandparents and extended relatives. These individuals provided me with a safe and appropriate environment for my inquisitive mind, teaching self-acceptance. Talking, comprehension and development of language are normal.

Considered a shy child,…

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