What I Believe The Church Essay

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The word “church” has many meanings to different people. Church could mean the building, the community of believers, the body of Christ, etc. In this paper, I will give my thoughts of what I believe the Church is. The Church refers to the community of Christ followers. Some metaphors of the Church are “Body of Christ” and “Bride of Christ”. We often refer to churches in two different manners. The first is with a capital “C”, this refers to the church as an entire body of Christ, they are fluid and include everyone that has accepted Christ as their savior. The second is church with a little “c”, this refers to the church as a specific location or group of people. The word Church carries many different meanings. Some refer to it as an institution, an organization and the practice of affirming correct confessional criteria. Each of these meanings carry some truth about what we know the Church is in the Western world. But what exactly is the Church? (p. 14, Flew) It is more than just some sort of physical structure that people walk into and use as a meeting center once or twice a week, while it can be that. It is also more than just a programmed event that lasts for a short time in our schedules. It is more than a set of policies and choices that define how resources are to be used, and more than ones’ personal relationships with other people. The Church is more than a denomination and more than a set of beliefs that binds people together. The Church does exist in relation to…

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