What I Believe God Hates The Sin Not The People Essay

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Please note, this is how I see things and I understand we are all entitled to our own opinions. This is mine and I know this may sound like I am a harsh person, when in reality, I am not. I do extend to everyone their own belief, and have friends that do not see things as I do. So when reading this post, keep in mind, I know this is my opinion and it’s okay by me if it’s not yours. I just wanted to point out a view others may not have ever considered.
You stated, “I believe God hates the sin not the people.” I believe this statement is very true, however that doesn’t mean there isn’t any consequences for our sins. As a world we want God’s blessings without following his laws, and so we lean on that fact that God has mercy for us and forgives our sins, in which he does. However that doesn’t give us the license to sin. The end times will come and all will have to answer for our sins.
But getting back to the topic of gay marriages and love. If one studies in 1Corthians 5:1-13 We see the church was told to put a man out for fornication (a sin). This was done in love and hopes that he would be brought to his senses, repent and change his ways. Once he had repented, and changed his ways (quit engaging in this sinful act) the church was told to allow him to re-enter. So here we see the consequences of not being allowed to fellowship with his friends, family and those who loved him, caused him to change his ways. This was an act of love for the person’s soul. At…

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