What I Believe About Theology Essay

1017 Words Sep 11th, 2015 null Page
Theology is a word that I have heard many times but never gave much attention to what it meant or considered what my view of theology was until recently. The first time I heard the word “theology” was most likely in church, as I can assume most people do. There are people, places, and books that have all exposed me to theology and made me consider what I believe. Although I have a basic understating of what I believe, I still do not know exactly what I believe about every aspect of God and theology but I am grateful for the opportunity to gain more knowledge about them. At home in Bloomington, Illinois I attend a large non-denominational church named Eastview Christian Church. I have spent most of my life as a part of this church and have found their doctrine is one that I very much agree with. Our church strives to be “A church of Christ followers whose ridiculous love and dangerous witness is irresistible”. Eastivew believes that everyone is broken and everyone needs Jesus. This may sound simple but every sermon I’ve heard at Eastview has made me think about the deeper questions of life and faith. Eastview introduced me to the idea of theology and forced me to think about what I believe but I never sorted out my thoughts until I became connected with people. Sabrina Hadro is someone who came into my life my sophomore year of high school. At the time I was struggling with depression, low self-confidence, and other life circumstances. She was the associate pastor at the…

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