What I Am From Mississippi Essay examples

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Since the beginning of the week, when I read the syllabus for this class, I have been circling the questions posed. I have thought about these questions before yet never truly came up with a solution that satisfied me. Then tonight my son walked up with his stuffed dog in tears that he neglected Nashoba. If you are not familiar with the name, it is the word wolf in Choctaw. I found it ironic that here I am trying to write about what to call a collection of many different, for lack of different words, nationalities, my son points out the neglect of something named from one of those nationalities. I am from Mississippi where there was historically there were over 20 tribes with some completely different tribal identities. My grandfather grew up near the Choctaw in Neshoba (name that comes from nashoba) County, When he gave me the stuffed dog he told me that I needed to take care of my nashoba and he would take care of me. I did for over 20 something years, I am not going to be exact because I already fell old. Now I have handed it down to my son and Nashoba is now watching over him. Whether it was my time visiting my grandfather, exploring the mounds of the Natchez tribe, learning the burial practices of the Chickasaw, or my time attending Florida State, my referencing of the race has been based on the individual nation. Choctaw, Chickasaw, Natchez, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Seminole to sum up an ocean in a thimble. Yet this does not solve the problem of the human, or maybe…

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