Essay What History Is History?

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What is History??

What is history? I could just simply give you the definition as it is stated in Merriam Webster’s dictionary and not elaborate or go in to any details. However, I believe a better question is: What are we without history? History is the study of past event, particularly in human affairs. There are many philosopher’s and historians that have different interpretations of what his idea of what history is. My personal view on history is that history is more in depth than that. I believe that history is both past and present, in essence we are history and we are also living history.
To different people, present of past, history means different things, and that is ironically what makes history. Because history is knowing multiple perspectives to help create a more clear and full picture. Since it (history) is progressive it is constantly growing and building off new facts and different perspectives. The primary story remain the same but multiple view and different takes brings about new and different questions, which in turn requires historical research. Historical research and historian and extremely in valuable in the world and to the human race. For without either we (mankind) would not know anything of their ancestor’s past. Leopold Von Ranke once said “you have reckoned that history ought to judge the past and to instruct the contemporary world as to the future.” What I believe he means is history uses the past and past events to help the present and…

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