What, Historically, Have Been Apple’s Competitive Advantage? Essay examples

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Apple Inc. In 2012
What, historically, have been Apple’s competitive advantage?

Initially, Job’s motive was to offer the first easy-to –use computer to the market. He managed it and Apple Computer knew its first success in 1977 with the Apple II. It’s the first personal computer sold in a large scale, and whom use were democratized, in particular in education sector. In 1978, this two years old company had already sparked a real revolution in the computer industry. The next notable revolution came with Job’s turnaround, when he came back in the company in 1997. “Soul” of Apple, Steve Jobs, understood very early that in this fast-moving sector in which changes occur constantly and are disruptive, he will constantly have to maintain his
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For the last 4 years the trend has been towards a rise in netbooks and mini notebooks’ sales. Those products are attractive not only thanks to their competitive price (prices can be from 2 to 6 times lower than laptops’), but also and foremost as they are convenient and rapid. Moreover, consumers are demanding on devices optimized for web, in parallel with the emergence of cloud computing. Then this trend seems to be sustainable, and Apple should take it into account not to lose market shares.

Then, what appears to be an issue for Apple is the price of its computer. Indeed consumers are money-concerns and if you are not a « mac-addict », it is easy to find really good computers for half the price of a macintosh. It is true that Apple strategy is closed to a premium strategy but they absolutely have to provide new features and innovations if it wants to seduce new consumers to gain market shares, while keeping theirs’. To be ready to pay this price, people need always more reasons. For example some of the potential consumers used to reject or postpone the idea of buying a macintosh because it was incompatible with windows’ softwares. This is something Apple was aware of and by making its computer compatible with it, the firm considerably increased its sales. Apple has to keep taking into account the need’s of its consumers and understand what can be the kick-off they need to buy a

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