Essay about What Health Teachings And Promotion Can You Provide?

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Mrs. Black is an 80-year-old recent widow who suffers from some functional incontinence. She feels isolated and lonely. What health teachings and promotion can you provide?
I would start with assessing any root causes contributing to Mrs. Black 's functional incontinence. To determine if there are any external factors that we can address to be able to assist her in a functional continence routine. Such as, ensuring the route to the bathroom is uncluttered, possibly limiting or monitoring fluid intake, creating a regular toileting routine will assist in managing the amount of urine in the bladder and ensure a certain amount of time until the next bathroom break enabling her to go out with friends for coffee (Nivin Todd, 2015).
To begin to address Mrs. Black 's loneliness, we can begin to look at what stimuli is lacking in her daily routines. The possibility remains that by bringing her functional incontinence under control, may allow her time to begin to pursue other activities that may help to alleviate her loneliness. By speaking to community resources such as the church or adult recreation facilities may bring further opportunities for Mrs. Black to engage in social settings that were previously unavailable to her.

Mr. Clark 82-years-old was involved in a minor car accident. What health teaching and promotion can you provide for his decreasing reaction time?
Per (Canadian Textbook of MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING, 2016):
Changes in the nervous system occur…

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