What Has Your Career Path Been? Essay

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What has your career path been?
Mr. Sourov attended post secondary school at Wilfrid Laurier University originally for accounting, but switched into marketing. He gained his BBA at Laurier and through university completed a co-op term at Sandvine during 2004. This is where he learned that he connected more to marketing than accounting. Marketing came more naturally to him. He entered an entrepreneurship competition and found that during interviews he talked more about this competition then he did any other relevant experience during interviews. In 2006 he started working at Unilever, which was more client side of marketing, he left in 2007 to join Granet Publishing, which was more focused on the agency side of marketing. He taught one semester at Conestoga College in 2011 about Integrated Marketing Communications Branding Strategy. In 2008 he and his friend decided to create Stryve Digital Marketing, which is where he has been ever since.

What are the prospects for someone entering this field today?
There are a lot of jobs out their waiting for employees, but a lot of graduating students are not up to date with current marketing trends out there. There are many potential jobs out there you just have to have the experience in order to get them. He recommended reading books on visual marketing and social media marketing in order to stay up to date with current marketing trends. Another thing he recommended was to take on extra marketing projects because it shows that you…

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