What Has She Done? Essay

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What has she done?! Could someone ever imagine having a person change history in order to help others? Harriet Tubman did just that. She was born as a slave were she meets her husband and took his last name to honor him. She later on married a man 22 years younger than him, Nelson Davis, after she became a freed slave were the couple decided to adopt a baby girl named Gertie. Right after she became freed she rushed back to Maryland to rescue her family slowly a group at a time (“African” 1). Harriet Tubman is considered bid for the great changes she had made to help the United States and African Americans during slavery by using the Underground Railroad, serving as a spy for the United States military, and women rights. In order for Harriet Tubman to free the slaves from the south, she had to use something called the Underground Railroad to sneak out the slaves. If it was not for the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman would not have been a freed slave. By the use of the Underground Railroad she was able to go to the north without any trouble. “Harriet travelled 90 miles to Pennsylvania, a free state, using the Underground Railroad” (“Timeline” 2). In order for Harriet Tubman to become a freed slave she had to run away from her owner. Once she escaped she travelled to a free state, Pennsylvania. Even though Harriet became a free slave she went back to the slave states to free slaves from slavery. Harriet Tubman spent a year free from slavery when she decided to return back…

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