What Has Leadership Taught You About Yourself?

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5. Describe a time when you have demonstrated leadership in your life. What has leadership taught you about yourself?

As a lifeguard, a lot of responsibility is held in my hands. It also requires leadership, especially when working at one of the largest water parks in the world. While working with hundreds of other lifeguards and seeing thousands of guests, hectic occurrences were bound to happen every day. At Water World, one of the most coveted attractions in the park is the enormous wave pool in which the most drownings occur. Six guards alone are needed for the deep end in that pool. And one day while guarding the pool, one of the guards next to me neglected to stay attentive to his area because of the intense heat bothering him. Among
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Throughout adolescence, everyone always depends on adults and siblings to look up to and even blame. However, in college, students become completely independent in their first steps as adults. Yet, these initial steps are completely overwhelming. The best method that helps me manage my new environment is spending time being familiar with my place and surroundings. Much like my transition from middle school to high school, I spent a good portion of my time finding my place and adjusting to new responsibilities and activities. Throughout sophomore year, I drastically changed socially and became more content with my teachers and friends. It wasn 't until my junior year of high school, that I grew comfortably with my environment and atmosphere of Arvada High School. I see college as a rite of passage into adulthood to uphold more responsibilities and grow accustomed to my independence. Adjusting to new circumstances is a tough stipulation that I am prepared for in college. Being able to maintain my academics along with my expanded personal responsibility is my priority, just like it was high school. I plan to manage my new environment by pushing myself towards new activities, events, and volunteer opportunities. I want to get out of my comfort zone, unlike usual, and strive towards different experiences to network with other aspired students just like me. Only then will I truly adjust to my environment

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