Essay on What Has Leadership Taught You About Yourself?

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5. Describe a time when you have demonstrated leadership in your life. What has leadership taught you about yourself?

As a lifeguard, a lot of responsibility is held in my hands. It also requires leadership, especially when working at one of the largest water parks in the world. While working with hundreds of other lifeguards and seeing thousands of guests, hectic occurrences were bound to happen every day. At Water World, one of the most coveted attractions in the park is the enormous wave pool in which the most drownings occur. Six guards alone are needed for the deep end in that pool. And one day while guarding the pool, one of the guards next to me neglected to stay attentive to his area because of the intense heat bothering him. Among nearly a thousand people in that pool that day, I happen to spot a drowning kid right at the guard’s feet. I am immediately given the choice to waste time and tell him to pay attention, or go in myself to save time. I chose the second option because I knew that as I lifeguard, I needed to make sacrifices, even for other guards. I saved that child 's life and that moment helped me realize that good choices are at the hands of good leaders. Later on, the lifeguard apologized realizing his mistake and for not getting him in trouble. Leadership has taught me to be selfless and act at the moment of need. I learned that if I act as a good leader, I can do more than just save a life.

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