What Harm Can Come From Amir Talking To Soraya Study Guide

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Chapters 12-13
1. What harm can come from Amir talking to Soraya without the formal permission and supervision from her father?
Everyone would gossip about her and equate her to being "easy" for talking to him.
2. What does Soraya's mother think of Amir's talking to her daughter without permission?
She adores Amir and has no problem with them talking to each other. She hopes he will fall for her daughter and be a suitor for her.
3. What does Soraya want to do with her life?
She wants to be a teacher even though her mother and father would prefer her to be a doctor or lawyer.
4. Compare and contrast how Amir and Soraya treated their illiterate servants when they were young.
Amir would make fun of Hassan for not knowing what words meant and would play games with him when reading so he would feel dumb. Soraya took great pleasure in teaching her servant to read and write so she could communicate with her sister.
5. What does General Taheri catch Amir giving to Soraya?
The General catches Amir giving Soraya one of the short stories he wrote.
6. What does Amir find out about Baba's health?
His father has Oat Cell Carcinoma, an advanced and inoperable form of
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How did Rahim get the scar on his face?
He was at a soccer game when the man next to him cheered loudly after a goal.
Someone patrolling the game thought it was Rahim who made the noise and hit him in the face with his gun.
4. How did the people of Afghanistan react when the Taliban took control of the country?
They were happy, they celebrated and danced in the streets because they thought it was an end to the war and their country would once again know peace.
5. How did Ali die?
He was killed by a land mine.
6. What skill did Hassan learn later in life?
He learned to read and write.
7. Where do Hassan and his family stay when they move back to Amir's home with
Hassan insists on living in the small hut and refuses to take a room in the house, even though Rahim pleads with him to do so.
8. Who shows up at Amir's old house one day in an old blue burqa?
Hassan's real mother shows up very sick and scarred from abuse. Hassan and his wife take her in and care for her. She eventually becomes part of the family and is very close with her grandson.
9. How did Hassan's son get his name?
He was named Sohrab after the boy in Amir and Hassan's favorite childhood story.
10. What does Rahim give

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