What Happens When Women Are Incarcerated And How It Impacts Their Lives

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This article talks about what happens when women are incarcerated and how it impacts their lives in the community. Most women are the sole providers to their children and often cannot count on their male counterpart to take care of the children when incarcerated. It is reported that three out of every four women that are in prison must give up custody of their children because of lack of support. That can be the most difficult part of being a woman in prison, the feeling of losing your child to foster care can be devastating to one’s mental and emotional health. Once out of prison, it does not get any easier. The article talks about the difficulties women face while trying to adjust to living back in the community. For a lot of women who come out of prison they will experience the lack of family support. When they are incarcerated most of them will stop talking their relatives, creating a void that makes it hard for these women to function in the community alone. The community will also in a way shun these women because society has defined that women should be good parents and responsible citizens. We are now seeing a shift in the criminal justice system and seeing a change in how the community treats incarcerated women. To begin with, the criminal justice system has partnered with many different companies and service groups to create new programs that will help women care for their children while still in prison, along with helping to ease the stress after leaving…

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