What Happened Last Night? Essay example

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The sun rays woke me up, I felt my body pressed up to something. It was warm, soft, and it smelled so fucking good. As I look down Charlie was laying on my chest. Her hand on my chest, my hand around her waist.

I tried to think of last night, I fought James, took a shower, and went to bed. There was no recollection of me drinking or certainly Charlie getting in my bed. I would have remembered, right now Charlie was just wearing one of my shirts.

She moaned softly on my chest and her eyes fluttered open. Those soft eyes smiling at me, made me smile. "Morning," her voice thick with sleep, her dark hair messy.

"Morning Charlie,"and she got closer "What happened last night?". Her smile increased and she straddled me.

"Do we have to play this game every morning," She leaned down and kissed me lightly.

"Game? I just want to know what happened last night?" And she rolls her eyes.

"I 'll show you," she giggled. She kissed my neck, and my lips. All the way down my chest. Her lips tickled the my stomach and she smirked at me. My hand went to her hips and I couldn 't help myself. She started to grind on me making me lose it.

Then her shirt was off, and I was in heaven.

------(They are fucking right now)-------
She laid next to me panting a bit, her smile wide. I have never had sex like that before.
"That 's a good one," She laughed and I open my mouth wide.

"That 's the best one," and she scoffs.

"So did not top our wedding night," and I almost gasped. Looking at…

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