What Happen If Germany Had Won World War II? Essay

1429 Words Jun 15th, 2016 6 Pages
What Happen if Germany had won World War II? War can be described by others as one of the most brutal events on the planet, having nations capable of mass destruction is something we don’t want to experience. But, how would the world change if Germany had won the war? Seemingly throughout the war Germany is considered one of the most powerful forces on the planet so how could a powerhouse like them change the world we in live in today? Surprisingly not much would have changed the Cold War wouldn’t have to take place, the occupation of Moscow would be shared by Germany and the United States, Germany would end its alliance with Japan in order to gain an alliance with the US this would cause Japanese markets and materials to be exceeded by products and profits from the west. Although these events are speculations, I would think the world would have been a better place to live in based on the research I conducted about how Germany would have changed the world to make it a more peaceful place to live in then it is now. The only things that would have really changed would be the names and places for history for example Saddam wouldn’t have been an important figure in history, The Middle East would become subjugated meaning the German army would keep them under complete control. The trip to the moon would have happened sooner using synthetic fuel to make it more efficient. Overall, our lives wouldn’t have changed they would be the…

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