Essay on What Great Principals Do That Sets Them Apart

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Todd Whitaker provides techniques for principals to evaluate their personal leadership style against highly effective principals in his book, What Great Principals Do Differently. Dr. Todd Whitaker states that this book is about what great principals do that sets them apart. Clarifying what the best leaders do, and then practicing it ourselves, can move us into their ranks (Whitaker, 2009). The goal of a great leader is to help teachers understand and improve their practices and to gauge the effectiveness of their instruction. Educational leadership is constructed with knowledge acquired from many sources, and self-evaluation and experience help solidify leadership. In today’s educational world, a place where students are struggling with state-mandated tests, where schools are labeled low achieving, the role of the principal has become more challenging with each passing school term. Principals are no longer just building managers, but they are now instructional leaders and they must guide teachers, students, and parents to success. A key element to success as an effective principal is building relationships, and the cornerstone of building relationships between principals and teachers is trust. When teachers trust their principal, it builds a relaxed working atmosphere. This atmosphere will keep the communication lines open, which creates a respectful and caring community. Principals need to focus not only on the programs, but on the people within the school (Whitaker,…

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