Essay on What Functions Does Social Stratification Serve?

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1. In your own words, define social stratification. What functions does social stratification serve? How do those in higher ranks use their status?
In group dynamic there is a leader who tries to initiate things and followers. Social Stratification is not that far from this concept. It is the way a certain society arranges and categorizes the individuals in that dynamic in a pecking order. Grading people in different levels of the society scale according to their authority, importance, wealth, income, race and education. In today’s terminology Stratification is divided into Upper, middle and lower class.
There are four principals that social stratification is based on: First, that social stratification is a character of the society. Secondly, Social stratification remain from one generation to the next. Thirdly, That social stratification is global and worldly. However, It is fluctuating each society has it is unique form of it. Finally, Inequality which is rooted in the society’s philosophy. Sociologists divide the system of stratification into two types: Closed or open systems. The closed system allows only minimal, if any, changes in the social position. There is no change in social relations between levels and it does not allow shift between the levels. On the other hand, Open system allow a shifts that are based on the achievement. It allows interactions between different levels. Stratification systems include class systems and caste systems, as well as a…

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