What Front Line Customer Service Reps Have A Lot Of Impact On Returning Customers

767 Words Aug 26th, 2016 4 Pages
I believe front-line customer service reps have a lot of impact on returning customers. They are the first encounters and interactions that many customers interface with when entering stores, asking questions, or making purchases. Many times either their positive attitude or negative attitude impacts how likely a customer will return to a store. Furthermore, many times positive customer service reps that smile, radiate positive energy, speak to customers help to generate much opportunity for increased sales and return of customers. Therefore, they know that when they receive good customer service they are highly likely to tell others about the great service received. I know personally, I enjoy friendly representatives as it 's an indication sometimes of how successful the business is overall, it further shows how companies view and invest in their employees, and how well employees thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Furthermore, happy employees rub off on customers. When customers know that employees are happy and able to assist without negativity and attitude it promotes for a better shopping experience. Likewise, customers look for customer service representatives that are attentive to their needs, can thoroughly answer questions, able to give good advice, acknowledges that the customer needs come first, the customer service representatives are polite and know how to properly conduct themselves, and additionally know how to say thank you and indicate that customers are the…

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