Essay on What Food Do You Crave?

998 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
“What food do you crave? Add a hint of mischief to your desire, and the answer is bound to be chocolate, Dark, divine, sense-bludgeoning chocolate.” (Ackerman, Diane) This is my favorite quote from Short Takes: Model Essays for Composition, which I read in English 16 and always seems to make my tastebuds water. This past fall semester, I took the course of English 16, in which I learned to become a more critical reader and writer as well as have a greater appreciation for writing. This can be seen in my improvement in thesis writing, from a broad to a more specific and stronger thesis, being able to better explain myself in my essays, as well being able to find hidden meaning in the author’s writing through being a better critical reader. Prior to coming to LIU, I believed myself to be well versed in writing a thesis for an essay. However, my first paper showed me otherwise. For the draft of my first paper, The Importance of Ecuadorian Cuisine, my thesis was “Particularly, those involving food during major holidays, religious festivities, and even birthdays.” This thesis wasn’t as strong as it could be, as while it had the specificity required in a thesis, it lacked the full idea that I was attempting to write about within the essay. The final draft’s thesis, “Through the know of the food that they eat on a daily basis, on special occasions, and the customs surrounding them, the people of the Costa maintain their cultural heritage in spite of changing times and even in…

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