Essay on What Factors Mediate Wellness?

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What factors mediate wellness?

Thematic qualitative analysis identified several broad categories of mediating factors that ACT ON and INTERACT WITH wellness. These factors can be viewed as processes that mediate the ability of an individual or community to attain or regain wellness. They affect not only how many people in a community are experiencing wellness, but also to what extent health, quality of life and wellness are positively influencing their lives. Furthermore, measurement and analysis of these factors may help health service providers in creating a "snapshot" of the level of wellness in an individual or community at a particular point in time. This, in turn, can help to influence the optimal distribution of health services and health resources. More concisely, examining these mediators can help us determine where we need to focus our resources to improve community wellness.

Cultural Connectivity

For many Indigenous peoples, culture and one 's connection to it, are synonymous with wellness.
In relation to cultural connectivity as a mediator of wellness, several important components were discussed:
• language and storytelling
• ceremony, traditional practices and values
• cultural identity and identification with one 's culture
• traditional knowledge and wisdom
• connection to land, environment and the spirit world

Felicia Hodge emphasized that cultural connectivity was found to be associated with perceptions of good wellness. In her study, individuals who…

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