What Factors Do You Think Influence On Being Diagnosed With A Chronic Disease?

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• What factors do you think influence how you would react to being diagnosed with a chronic disease? If I was diagnosed with a chronic or fatal disease I would be more concerned about the impact it would have on my family, rather than myself. My mother has survived numerous horrific deaths of loved ones throughout her life, including my late father. It’s reoccurring a nightmare of mine to imagine the grief she would have to go through if I was gravely ill or deceased.
• How much sacrifice of normality and quality of life in the present would you be willing to make to add several years to your life? My grandmother is nearly 100 years-old, and currently resides in a home for the elderly. Every other week, I make the journey back to my hometown to visit her. Unfortunately, her health is rapidly declining as a result of dementia. For nearly two years she has been unable to walk, and her muscle mass is shrinking along with her delicate bones. When my grandmother was still able to talk, she begged for death. Imagine having a terrible quality of life where you are simply surviving on the care of others – unable to speak for yourself? My grandmother used to be a resilient, and crafty intellectual. She was a rancher’s wife who raised 12 children, and worked her body to the bone to provide for the family. Now she just lays in a foreign bed within an equally unfamiliar facility. Every time I visit my grandmother, I see the agony in her eyes and it shatters my heart to pieces. I…

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