Essay about What Factors Can Influence A Persons Sexuality?

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Evan Eulner
SXS 400
915417794 Sexual Diferences What factors can influence a persons sexuality? Each person has their own unique sexual orientation. Using Gay, Straight, and The Reason Why, a book by Dr. LeVay and Genetic and Environmental Effects on Same-sex Sexual Behavior, an article from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the reason why people have sexual differences can vary based on environmental factors and biological influences that are unique to each individual. According to LeVay adolescent boys are attracted to toys that are mechanical toys rather then faces like women (Levay 2011: 77). This correlation shows that there is a biological attraction to certain objects based on sex. These attractions to specific objects help point out that adolescent humans have biological desires to different objects based on the ones gender. These differences can be seen at three to eight months of age (LeVay 2011: 77). Other factors provided by LeVay are prenatal hormones that can have an affect on adolescents of sheep and the rhesus monkeys (Levay 2011: 78). The experiments showed that females injected with testosterone made there way higher up the hierarchy then the ones that did not get treated. This environmental effect of higher levels of testosterone can cause a female to have more masculine traits (LeVay 2011: 78). These masculine traits can effect how one feels about their gender and possibly there sexual orientation. The hormonal environment of…

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