What Factors Affect The Court Of The Judges Essay

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What factors may have contributed to the judges’ misconduct in this case? One factor founded in this case is that the two judges were corrupted. They receive profits to send juvenile offenders to two private correctional facilities PA Child Care LLC and a sister company, Western PA Child Care LLC (Associated Press, 2009). The payout for them doing this misconduct was $2.6 million. Another misconduct founded was that the judges denied many of the juvenile offenders their constitutional rights for a trial and to be defended. Associated Press (2009) discussed that many of the juveniles only received a hearing that lasted a minute or two before they were sent to jail or prison for their minor offenses. Now I understand that the constitution states that everybody has a right to a speedy trial. However, by that statement it means that they have the right to receive trial fast instead of being unconstitutionally held without one for a long time. The juveniles were also brought before to the judges without a lawyer (Associated Press, 2009). Majority of kids and teenagers do not have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and court procedures. They have a right to an attorney when they aren’t able to provide one. But, in this case that didn’t happen and the juveniles were unable to defend themselves when in trial. A role of judicial discretion was played by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court when they dismissed 4,000 juvenile delinquency cases from Mr. Ciavarella and Mr.…

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