What Exactly Is The Definition Of A Parent? Essay

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Parent. What exactly is the definition of a parent? In Merriam-Webster they give a general definition, “ a person who is a father or mother: a person who as a child.” A parent for me is someone who will go out of their way to be able to give you as much as possible; A mother that will be there and support you every step of the way. My mother always supports me and encourages me to do my best, even if she is not always present when it comes to my school work. My mother could be considered to teachers as an absent parent. She only shows up when they call her about an upcoming meeting.Teachers usually categorize parents into three categories the hovering, absent, and reasonable parent. Due to the fact that all their parents are different, so are their children.
Five AP classes, Honor roll every quarter, no going out, Saturday mornings SAT Prep and afternoons college essay writing classes, mathletes, and above all, ALL A’s! This is what we can usually see in strict parents. All school, no play parents children are constantly on the honor roll, teachers pet, and the top in their class. They expect all A’s, anything less is unacceptable. Sitting in a deep thought with an emotionless expression, shaking their foot uncontrollably just waiting to be called into their child’s counselor 's office where he/she will be demanding an explanation on why his/hers child did not get placed into the honors pre-calculus class. This is the type of parent that drive teachers insane. They are…

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